Signs of Wind Damage

Signs of Wind Damage 1

High winds can cause serious damage to your roof, including leaks, missing shingles, and gutter damage. The corners and edges of your roof and the ridgeline are most prone to damage from strong winds. However, there are some roofing problems that are mistakenly attributed to the effects of wind. Wind-Damaged Shingles aren’t Always Obvious Wind-damage […]

Gutter Pricing and What to Consider

Gutter Pricing and What to Consider 2

While gutter systems definitely add to your home’s curb appeal, their most important responsibility is to direct water flow away from your roof, walls, and foundation. This is why when your gutters start getting older or damaged, it’s important to replace them immediately. Of course, you’ll want to know how much that’s going to cost. […]

5 Tips to Prepare Your Roofing System for Spring

5 Tips to Prepare Your Roofing System for Spring 3

With Spring around the corner, let’s take a moment to discuss the preventative maintenance needed for your roof and gutters. Ensuring that you’re consistently maintaining your roofing system can save you thousands of dollars. Routing inspections and timely cleaning done by professionals is essential, especially at the end of a rough season. Do not wait […]

What to do if You Spot a Leak

What to do if You Spot a Leak 4

Discovering a leak can be pretty frightening. Although you need to act quickly, taking the right steps when you find a roof leak can help minimize the damage and prevent the issue from worsening. Here are five things we recommend you do when you find a leak in your roof. Protect the area. Find an […]

Tree Damage and Prevention

Tree Damage and Prevention 5

Home buyers sometimes prefer homes with mature trees in order to make their property more attractive. Older trees offer shade, greenery, and maybe even fragrant flowers or fruits. However having larger trees near your home can lead to certain issues if they aren’t properly maintained. Thankfully, tree management is simple and cost effective (typically), and […]

Signs of Damaged Flashing

Signs of Damaged Flashing 6

Although shingles are the primary protectors of your roof, they can’t completely seal joints or corners. Roof flashing may be thin and galt, but it plays a large role in keeping water from damaging your home.  Roof Flashing Structure and Purpose Roof flashing materials are weather-prrof. You may see numerous materials be used for flashing […]

Roofing Materials and How They Affect the Temperature of Your Home

Roofing Materials and How They Affect the Temperature of Your Home 7

A common question homeowners have is how to keep their homes as warm or cool as possible, depending on the season. One thing that doesn’t frequently cross their minds is the roof. However, a roof plays a significant role in maintaining optimal temperature indoors. There are multiple aspects that play a factor in how the […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Installing New Gutters

3 Questions to Ask Before Installing New Gutters 8

For homeowners, water can be a friend, or it can be a foe. If not properly redirected, rain can become a huge issue, which makes it pivotal to have the proper gutter systems in place. They actually play a role in protecting the structural integrity of your home. A good gutter system keeps rainwater safely […]

Roof Sagging: Possible Causes

Roof Sagging: Possible Causes 9

Roof sagging is a serious problem that needs to be promptly addressed. There can be several factors that cause a roofing system to begin to sag and it’s important to know about them so you can determine the right solution. Old Age Older roofing systems can lead to a sagging roof. Most asphalt shingle roofs […]

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Minor Roof Damage

Why You Shouldn't Overlook Minor Roof Damage 10

Roofing repairs are often expensive and time-consuming, as a homeowner this could lead to a decision to delay repairs as long as possible. While this may seem like an ideal way to save yourself money, it could lead to a more expensive repair in the future because small damage can deteriorate further over time. Here […]