Spring Cleaning Your Roof

Most of us at the beginning of spring love to give the insides of our homes a good cleaning and sprucing up, but not a lot of thought is given to our roofs. Here are a few tips to spring it to action for your roof!
  1. Clean away debris. Let your roof be seen....clean the gutters well and gently sweep off all the falling leaves. If there is tons of dirt and dust try a professional cleaning.
  2. Gutters. This is the time to take care of those sagging, dented,and old looking gutters. Get them repaired, and if they don’t need repairing clean them up...give them a greasy coat of paint. Small changes at clean up like this can make a huge difference to your roof.
  3. Algae and Mildew. Algae and mildew will build up on a roof in wetter climates and can over time damage your shingles! A simple water and bleach mixture can temporarily remove the stains.
  4. Roof Inspection. If your roof is 7 year or older get a free inspection! It never hurts to see how your roof is holding up. Plus you can possibly detect damage you couldn’ t see yourself.